Antaronix is a consulting and systems integration company specializing in machine vision, image processing and software development. Providing computer vision solutions and image processing consulting for a variety of industries including Life Science, Science, Research & Development, Biotech and Manufacturing, our experts can help you specify, develop and test your next project on time and on budget.

With a wide range of expertise and services available, Antaronix can help you reach even the most challenging project goals efficiently and effectively. From automated vision software to research and development of new image processing algorithms to custom software development, we have the tools and resources to help you accomplish tasks faster, more accurately and cost effectively.

Machine Vision Systems

Our Experts can design and build machine vision system for your project.


Let our experts help your business define functional and engineering specifications for your next project.


With highly skilled engineers, we can evaluate your product or project idea before you invest valuable time and money in design and development.


We can expertly design your next computer vision system and image processing application according to given specifications.


Our experts have the skills and knowledge to research, develop and implement your image processing algorithms, numerical algorithms, microscopy imaging and other software algorithms for your project.

Custom Software Development

Our highly skilled developers can implement your algorithms for Image Processing, Microscopy, and a variety of computer vision applications.


Our engineers can select the best available and most cost effective hardware and software components and seamlessly integrate it with your existing project or application.

Contact us today to learn more about how Antaronix can help your company create a machine vision solution or custom software application that meets your unique business needs. We’re fast, efficient and ready to help move your project ahead quickly, accurately and in the most cost-efficient way.